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We’re Sankusem, an NGO based in Ghana.

We are interested in classical music performance in Ghana.


Performance and Teaching
We want to help train the next generation of music performers in Ghana. So we work with vocalists and instrumentalists on performance techniques and interpretation.

Performance and Composition

We are interested in performing and recording a genre of music composition that is intentional about using material from African music traditions- sometimes called African Art music or African Classical music.

Performance and Pedagogy

The largest impact on future generations of Ghanaian performers comes from local music teachers who give lessons year-round. So we have a program for instrumental and vocal teachers, with the focus on sharing effective pedagogy techniques.

Performance and Instruments
We are concerned about the lack of instrument resources in Ghana, either for sale or to repair. So we are launching a program to train local craftsmen and women to repair and build instruments, and to learn how to repair and tune pianos.

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