Sankusem Professional 


2020 Professional Development

Sankusem and NSI are interested in developing professional skills as well as new 
Employment options in the field of music in Ghana. 

Together, the two organizations plan to offer two programs to local musicians and 

Teacher Training​: We would like to help music teachers improve in their ability to teach 
instrumental technique. We believe that using the most current and effective practices 
will give participants new marketable skills and the means to build and sustain their own 
musical community. Success for Professional Development program means 
improvements in the quality of teaching offered in Ghana, which can be measured by 
higher quality music performances, as well as success in the ABRSM exams held 
annually in Accra.

Instrument Making Workshops: We would like to help local woodworkers and working musicians learn to properly repair, maintain (and eventually make) string instruments, and tune and repair pianos. Our goal is to prepare a group of locals to provide a crucial (and currently severely limited) service to the local string- and piano-playing community, while creating new employment opportunities among interested local instrument makers and woodworkers. Success for this program means the potential development of a new industry in Ghana, options for musicians and music institutions to properly repair their instruments at local prices, supplementing the very low number of piano tuners in Ghana with a new generation of tuners who have improved skills, and the potential rehabilitation of a large percentage of broken-down instruments in Ghana. Through our partnership with NSI, we will be able to give our trainees the practical tools to start their own businesses after the training, and to thrive in this new industry. In this sense, we are contributing to the creation of a new industry, and towards employment opportunities for locals.

Schedule: The first Instrument Crafting Workshop will run from August 24th to Friday September 4th, Monday to Friday. We hope to provide these workshops, as well as  Professional Development opportunities for local teachers, across the year.     

Location: All Professional Development opportunities will take place at the NSI location in Osu, next to Ad Vantage House, Klanaa Street, near Ako-Adjei Park
Sankusem will sponsor quarterly workshops to support professional development programs for teachers, and training for craftsmen learning instrument and piano making/repair. We will be intentional about selecting local women to be part of these trainings.