shoppe sankusem

Shoppe: Sankusem will open a music shop in the NSI. this will be a place where local 

musicians can purchase gently-used instruments and accessories.Through our 

international  network, Sankusem reaches out to Music Retailers, Instrument Shops, 

and non-profit organizations across the world, asking for donations of any second-hand usable accessories, tools, or instruments that they do not need. We ship these items to Ghana, and offer them at local musicians at reasonable prices in our Shop.


Instrument Repair: Our Shop is also a place for the Ghanaian public to access

instrument-repair/piano tuning options at reduced prices. The trainees  from our 

Instrument making class and piano tuning/repair  class can offer their services to local 

clients for a reasonable fee. 


Schedule: We plan to operate the Shoppe once a week, during the year, beginning after our Institute, in September of 2020.